Sunday, December 17, 2017


      Week 15 was another disaster for the NFL. Their much-hyped Game of the Week between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots drew this much attention:

         But the real highlights came last week when street thugs representing Seattle and Jacksonville respectively, actually had a riot on the field near the end of the game. We can't speak for Jacksonville, but Seattle residents are accustomed to riots---they have them on a regular basis Downtown---and apparently the Seahawks decided to bring local Trash Culture to Florida. 

          What started the melee was a dirty, cheap-shot hit on a Jacksonville player during what was an end-of-game display of sportsmanship. For those unfamiliar with football, it is customary late in the game for the team who has the lead to run dead-ball plays if they are on offense. The custom is an old one. It's purpose is---as gentlemen and sportsmen once did---to refrain from beating down a defeated opponent and as a way of honoring a game well-played. But in postmodern thug-culture, showing magnanimity is for chumps; a graciously accepting a loss simply isn't done. 

          Thus, when the Jacksonville team ran a dead-ball play, Seahawks' thug Michael Bennett charged into an offensive lineman who wasn't expecting to get hit. Not only that, but Bennett went for the man's legs. That could have crippled him, but fortunately there was no injury. This is perfectly in keeping with Bennett's character, as we can see from this photo of him in Las Vegas last September:

           He's the one on the ground, BTW. 

            At any rate, two Seahawks players were ejected from the game. One jughead named Quinton Jefferson decided to carry the fight into the bleachers:

           Jefferson couldn't get his 300-lb. bulk over the guardrail to beat up people half his size. Oh well. 

           To make matters worse for the Seahawks that day, Malik McDowell--- a defensive lineman currently on injured reserve---wound up in jail after a fight in the parking lot outside a bar. McDowell allegedly scuffled with police officers, accusing them of brutality and singling him out. It should be noted that McDowell is 6'6" tall and a 300-pounder himself. 

           Michael Bennett, incidentally, is paid $6.5 million annually. Jefferson makes about $1 million and McDowell recently got a $3 million signing bonus in addition to the $4.4 million 4-year contract that he received. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fined Jefferson a little over $9,000 with no additional punishment. Bennett wasn't fined at all. The Seahawks team was fined $52,000; about what their degenerate billionaire owner Paul Allen spends on a dinner party. 

             Are fans and taxpayers finally fed up with this nonsense? Let's hope that this season is the beginning of the end of the NFL as we now know it.   

Saturday, December 16, 2017


         On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission reversed an Obama-Era decision on so-called 'Net Neutrality'. Granted, this was a very controversial issue which was complicated by the partisan propaganda put out by special interests on both sides. FCC Chairman Pai explained the issue quite succinctly shortly after the Thanksgiving Recess. As usual, the Corporate Media ignored his speech and spent the day whispering sexual innuendos against their enemies. 

         Even some of the FCC Commissioners who voted against the repeal admitted that Obama's Net-Neutrality Policy had been a failure. Jessica Rosenworcel, one of these commissioners, proposed to postpone the vote until State and Federal Agencies had finished investigating corruption in the process. That detail didn't make it the MSM either, despite her having said so at a press conference with the New York State Attorney-General and her speech posted on a press release on the FCC website. Commissioner Rosenworcel admitted that, since Obama instituted Net Neutrality in 2015, not one public hearing had been held, as promised. Over a million public comments were discovered to be fraudulent (over half of them had foreign e-mail accounts); and at least 50,000 known consumer complaints were missing. 

         Ending Net Neutrality isn't going to change things much for most of us. Basically, we're going back to Internet regulatory policies that were in effect up to 2014. But the Radical Left went into a collective outburst of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They not only gathered and rioted outside of FCC Headquarters, they phoned in fake bomb threats and made other threats of violence against FCC members. The Gateway Pundit documented several hours' worth of Leftist Twitter-feeds calling for Ajit Pai's death and expressing hopes of his imminent assassination. 

        These weren't simply isolated incidents or people venting their frustrations, either. On November 30th, Chairman Pai issued a Press Release condemning the death threats being received by Congressional supporters of the repeal. On the same day, authorities arrested a man in Syracuse, New York for threatening to assassinate Congressman John Katko and his entire family!

         "If you do not support Net Neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill you all." the Anarchist said on the Congressman's voicemail, "Do you understand? I will literally find all of you and your progeny and wipe them of the face of the earth."

        This is all very reminiscent of the threats of and actual violence against Federal officials during the unsuccessful attempt to repeal Obamacare. Chances are that none of these radicals understand Net Neutrality any more than they understand Obamacare. They operate in such a fog of blind rage that they will lash out in any direction. Senator Rand Paul, for example, was nearly shot playing baseball and had five ribs broken while mowing his lawn within the last six months alone. 

        It's time to get a grip on reality here. Personally, I never noticed the slightest effects on my life before or during Net Neutrality, nor am I or 99.9% of other Americans going to notice now that it's gone again. Internet Freedom---we're told by the Whacko Left---is now dead. And they've been telling us so over the Internet since their freedom to do so was supposedly revoked last Thursday. 


Friday, December 15, 2017


      While the Corporate Media has been spending the entire Autumn witch-hunting politicians (and even men within its own ranks) for being suspected heterosexuals, the so-called 'progressive' Left is launching a new program to help steer future generations from sexual normalcy. It's called Drag Queen Story-Time and it's all the rage among effete Liberal parents. 

       The politically-correct Indy Star profiled the program's debut at the Indianapolis Public Library. Lavishing praise on a trio of characters called Halle Pino, Blair St. Clair, and Ida Kay---all three adult males in dresses and wigs---perverted reporter Domenica Bongiovanni compared the drag queens to real-life superheroes. Taking the bait, Mr. Pino said: "When we put on drag, that is a superhero costume because it is an extension of our existing personality."  In the past, people who imagined themselves to be somebody else were called psychotics. But that was then, this is now. 

        Stephanie Lane, who's in charge of planning library activities for children, said: "The mission of Drag Queen Story Time is to promote literacy, diversity, and artistic expression. I want kids to experience just the fun of being around drag queens; their style, their creativity, and their individuality." 

        Does this story sum up the 'Obama Legacy', or what? How much would we wager that a priest reading Bible stories in this library would be a matter of outrage to these sickos?

        The head librarian at the Indianapolis Public Library is Jackie Nytes, a former City Councilwoman. She pockets a $154,000-a- year salary for using Indiana tax dollars to subsidize drag queens and give them access to children. 

        Indianapolis isn't the only city doing this, either. There's actually a website that trendy public officials and drugged-out parents can consult to bring transvestites to their local libraries. Their website features a testimonial from Judy Zuckerman, the Director of Youth and Family Services at the Brooklyn Public Library: "Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and important program that celebrates diversity in the way that children may dress and act. It encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and to embrace unfettered self-expression. DQSH encourages acceptance of differences and helps prevent bullying while providing an enjoyable literary experience."

       Nota Bene, the sections of this statement that we've highlighted. This is a roundabout way of saying that the purpose of the program is to groom and indoctrinate pre-pubescent children into the homosexual lifestyle. 

        Psychologists of the last century explained scientifically what our forefathers knew by experience and reasoning. Before the age of puberty, a human being is developing sexually, in accordance with his or her gender. This is normal biology, to which we have evolved civilized social norms to help this development into healthy channels. Introducing perverted sexual concepts to children, before they've reached their early teen years, can have devastating psychological effects. Children in the 6-10 year age-range are especially vulnerable. The scientific reasons for this are complex, but well-established. Briefly summarized: it's normal for children at this age to exhibit homosociality---preferring friends of their own sex and avoiding the opposite sex. It's actually a form of primitive, or instinctual, bonding that helps to shape appropriate gender-specific attitudes that later mature into preparation for monogamous bonding with someone of the other gender. One can see at this stage how a child's inability to reason deductively (that ability begins about age 12) combined with a homosexual experience can easily break that cycle. It's a short path from homosociality to homosexuality---and even shorter for those who can't understand where the path is going. 

        Most homosexuals became that way at those ages. Some because they were sexualized; others, because they never made a psychological transition from late childhood to early adulthood. That's what programs like Drag Queen Story Hour will actually accomplish: and it's highly likely that its promoters have this in mind as a goal. This is why Russia, for example, has the wise policy of keeping this kind of perversion away from impressionable minds. 

       Los Angeles and San Francisco also have similar programs. Taxpayers in these states should really start putting their public libraries under a microscope, because corrupting children wasn't part of the original Public Library Movement---to say the least.    

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


       As we've all heard by now, Roy Moore was defeated in the Alabama Senate Special Election. The seat went to a Democrat for the first time in many years and following numerous Democratic wins in November, the Corporate Media is unanimous in claiming a groundswell of anti-Trump sentiment. Incidentally, this same Media Establishment was also nearly unanimous in predicting a Moore victory. 

        In reality, neither this election nor November is much to be concerned about. The MSM is going to proclaim a setback for Trump regardless of any other factor. The November Elections, for example, were mostly Democrat wins in Democrat-dominated areas. As for Alabama: Moore was a colorful and controversial candidate---but he was not a strong candidate. The President originally supported his opponent, Luther Strange and the GOP Establishment also was lukewarm towards Moore at best. And still Moore lost by only about 1% in spite of this lack of official support. 

       Moore appears to have lost for the same reason that Hillary Clinton did. Both are political celebrities who have a strong and loyal base; but they can't sway voters outside of that base easily. That was one of the reasons why the DNC chose Obama over Clinton in 2008: they realized that Obama could reach Independents whereas Hillary Clinton's support would plateau. That assessment proved quite accurate in 2016. 

        If any trends seem to be apparent from 2017, it is that voters are rejecting candidates who seem to be on the 'fringe', so to speak. An example from November would be the open race for Seattle Mayor. In that ultra-Liberal city, an Establishment Democrat was pitted against a Sanders Democrat and the Establishment candidate won by a near 2:1 margin. And yes: the Media got that Election wrong too. 

        Roy Moore was a favorite among the Tea Party Republicans and some of the Alt-Right. It could very well be that 2017 is showing that voters are choosing candidates who are not hard-line ideologues. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. The Trump Administration is showing that Government can work---and work efficiently. The day and age when candidates can run against the System and 'shake things up' seems to be drawing to close. If the Government is doing its job, there is no need for radicals or outsiders any more. 

          Electorally, this race isn't going to change things much. Doug Jones can't afford to veer too far Left if he hopes to keep his seat in a state like Alabama. Most likely, he'll be a Blue Dog Democrat like Howell Heflin---the last Democrat Senator from Alabama who typically sided with Presidents Reagan and Bush. The balance of power in the Senate isn't affected much either. 

          The lessons for the GOP in 2018 are very simple: support what the President is doing; focus on that. Stress the candidates' qualifications to do the job and avoid negativity and mudslinging. Since Trump was elected, indications are that voter anger and pushes for radical change are subsiding. Now it's about reform and getting the job done. 



Monday, December 11, 2017


      An anonymous comment on the previous post brought up an interesting two-part question about whether the recent spate of phony sex-harassment allegations brought against high-people is ultimately aimed at President Trump; and whether or not this 'coup' would succeed. The answer to the first part is: probably so. The answer to the second part is: probably not. 

      Liberals typically spend so much time in historical revisionism that they fail to learn anything from actual history. Right off the bat, this strategy didn't work during the 2016 Elections---in fact, it probably backfired on the Clinton Campaign. The fact is that many men in urban areas who typically vote Democrat either abstained in 2016 or crossed over to support Trump. 

       Why was this so? Because, among themselves, a lot of men talk about women like Trump did; and these same men understood locker-room banter. No doubt they saw the proverbial handwriting on the wall as to what would happen to them if a candidate was elected who saw this kind of idle chatter as a criminal offense. Now as it happens, President Trump used to manage the Miss America Pageant. Does anybody seriously believe of men in such positions----surrounded by dozens of young models---that sexual thoughts never enter their minds? In other words, male voters, excluding homos and male feminists, are going to sympathize a lot more with Trump, just like they did in 2016.

        And there is historical precedent here. When Impeachment Charges were brought against President Clinton in the late 1990s, I well recall the very-Liberal pundit Eric Altmann predicting the very same failure for the same reason. "What did President Clinton actually do?" Altmann opined. "He cheated on his wife and lied about it when he got caught. How many American men have done the same thing? The Republican strategy will gain no traction with male voters."

         Altmann turned out to be right; and there's another reason why the coup against Trump will fail, brought up by another Liberal pundit recently. British journalist Glenn Greenwald---best known for publishing Edward Snowden's revelations---wrote a scathing critique of CNN last week after yet another fake-news story blew up in their faces. In fact, Greenwald has been (unsuccessfully) trying to warn the American Media for months that their over-saturation of anti-Trump reporting will sink their credibility. Here's what Greenwald wrote three days before Trump's Inauguration when the Golden Shower hoax went down in flames:

          "Demanding that evidence-free anonymous assertions be venerated as truth---despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie---is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality...There is no bigger favor that Trump's opponents can do for him than attack him with such lowly, shabby, obvious shams and then recruiting large media outlets to lead the way. When it comes time to expose actual Trump corruption and criminality, who is going to believe that the people and institutions who have demonstrated that they are willing to endorse any assertion, no matter how factually baseless, who deploy any journalistic tactic no matter how unreliable, have any basic means of ensuring accuracy?"

           If what Greenwald says is true about hypothetical Trump misconduct, it's infinitely more true about outright falsehoods and exaggerated allegations of misconduct. In other words, the Corporate Media has lost so much credibility that---at this point---if Trump actually forcibly raped an 11 year-old in the White House in front of witnesses, nobody would believe the Media reports of it. It's the same situation as a person giving testimony at a trial---a witness' credibility is seriously impaired if they've been convicted of Perjury on numerous previous occasions. 

         We also probably add at this point that a President who's stood up to the NFL and won really hasn't much to fear from fake accusations. The Corporate Media tried pitting a national institution like the NFL once was against the President; and at this rate, the Trump Administration is liable to outlive them. 

         So to sum up: the Feminists and the anti-Trump scandalmongers have overplayed their hand. They're going to be preaching scandal to an echo-chamber of an audience already biased against Trump, but no further. The Left has plateaued politically and they're very much on the defensive now; even though they're trying to give the illusion of 'resistance'. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


   This is great news. President Trump confirmed today plans---to go into effect by year's end---to audit the US Department of Defense. The audit will be carried out by 2,400 independent third-party auditors and, by Executive Order, will have permanent annual audits beginning in 2018. 

       This is already shaping up to be a bigger swamp-draining endeavor since HHS began aggressive audits of Obamacare last Spring. The Department of Defense has never been audited since its founding in 1947. Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist pointed out that lack of transparency in the Pentagon has not only shaken public trust, it has caused budgetary concerns in Congress over military-projects where it is unclear as how the money will be spent. 

      Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said that the scope of the audit "will examine every aspect of the department from personnel to property to weapons to bases." Now let's put this in some perspective.

       Many Conservatives have a blind trust in our military that is wholly unwarranted. Most of them are thinking of WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc., but not of the modern military. Three decades of the Deep State, with its corruption and Cultural Marxism, have impacted our military just as surely as it has public education, the legal system, and other public and private institutions. For example, the Fat Leonard Scandal---which occurred during the Obama Administration---was the largest military scandal in history. The Media rarely reported anything about it; and it was only because a Navy whistleblower exposed the scam to Singaporean Police that it came to public attention at all. Audits would prevent scandals of this magnitude from happening. 

         Over the last three decades, we've seen shady defense contractors like Fat Leonard overcharging the government; ultra-Leftists taking control of military academies and forcing PC standards; infiltration of military by feminists and homosexuals; lowered recruiting standards and massive military crimes and subsequent cover-ups. Some of these cover-ups involved illegally imprisoning innocent servicemen on fake sexual charges. At least three such convictions have been overturned this year. 

          So, no, the Pentagon is not above reproach; at least not any more. Thankfully, President Trump had the political courage to take on what's usually a sacred cow among Republican politicians. He understands that the cultural shift Leftward has taken its toll in the Armed Forces. If these problems aren't fixed, we'll lose our global military advantage just as we've fallen behind elsewhere. Although we should be promoting peace, a strong military is our greatest protection. We must be at least equal to other superpowers militarily to ensure our independence. 

             Which brings up another issue: American defense spending---like our public education spending---is much higher than other countries; yet others are getting better results. What we've seen of Russia's military in Syria is a great example. They accomplished what we didn't---at a fraction of the cost. China---the other rival superpower---is untested, but is known to have some very sophisticated weaponry. We can cut costs and stay ahead of these others, as Trump said in his speech today. 

            Our military used to be known for its efficiency. That's how we won wars when the odds were against us; and how we became a superpower. The new audit program will clean up corruption and eliminate waste that is holding us back in peacetime and would be catastrophic in a major war. 


Saturday, December 9, 2017


   For the past two years, a perverted middle-school teacher and his cohorts have been erecting a Satanic pentagram next to a Christmas Nativity Scene in Boca Raton. The City always granted a permit, because the Satanists threatened them with costly legal action if they refused. But Christmas 2017 is a different story. 

    The City refused the permit because this year, a nationwide drive by several Catholic organizations collected over 50,000 signatures on a petition to deny the Satanists access to the display. As the 1st Amendment also conveys the right to "petition the government for the redress of grievances" the City of Boca Raton was able to shut the cultists down in a completely legal fashion. 

      Sergio de Paz, head of a Cuban community in Boca Raton said, "Our Lady of Fatima is more powerful than Satan. We just need to be out there to fight for her. She will do the rest!"

      It should also be noted that this was accomplished peacefully; without any of violence and vandalism that has been accompanying monument-removals in America recently. But while this is great victory for traditionalists hoping to restore Christmas to its original meaning, a collateral question has emerged:

      Why do the public schools permit nutcase cultists who put up displays like this inside a classroom?

       The teacher in question is a 'language arts' in Boca Raton named Preston Smith. He is the owner of the 300-lb. Satanic pentagram-display; which in addition to being a Satanic symbol was inscribed with hideous blasphemies specifically encouraging children to worship the devil and proclaiming "One Nation under Antichrist"---an obvious parody of the Pledge of Allegiance. This guy is allegedly 'teaching' 11-13 year-olds. Here's what he had to say about the display:

       "A phrase like 'May the Children Hail Satan' is an artistic expression of defiance towards the Sanborn Square Nativity Scene, which performs an annual re-enactment of predatory indoctrination in a public park targeting young children before they have critical thinking skills."

       That's quite an assertion, considering that the Satanists don't exactly have a stellar reputation for treating children with kindness and compassion. It was Christ who taught the value of children, Satanists try to be the opposite of Christ so we can draw our own conclusions about that. But that aside, it ought to be troubling to parents that a man who believes that Nativity Scenes are predatory indoctrination is allowed anywhere near a public school classroom.

      But Boca Raton Schools are no stranger to these kinds of characters. In October, the Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. Geoff McKee, was reassigned pending investigation for altering grades. In February, the district's 'Teacher of the Year' was fired for covering up domestic abuse of a student. In 2013, there was an extortion case involving School District leaders. The District Superintendent, Robert Avossa, rakes in a $350,000 annual salary and oversees a bloated $2.4 billion budget. Avossa came to the job after heading Atlanta's Public Schools: a district where test-scores are 44% below the national average. 

     Not surprisingly, in 2004 there was a legal case where the principals in this same school district ordered students to remove 'offensive' religious displays. The place sounds like a perfect swamp to incubate creatures like Preston Smith. 

     But the tide is hopefully turning. This victory shows that, for the first time in three decades, the enemies of our culture are on the defensive.