Friday, March 23, 2018


       More good---but long overdue---news from the White House. Less than a week after ejecting the RINO Tillerson, the President today fired H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser. He is being replaced with career diplomat and international intelligence specialist. John Bolton.

        McMaster was another problem for the Administration. Many suspect that he was the source behind several leaks. Also there is considerable suspicion that McMaster supplied Trump with false evidence against his predecessor, General Flynn. What is not in any doubt is that McMaster supplied Trump with bad intelligence and terrible advice. 

       And small wonder. McMaster was first and foremost loyal to his ex-boss, Obama. When Obama opened the military to homosexuals, McMaster was put in charge of implementing the policy. He favored all of Obama's foreign policies and tried to extend them into the Trump Administration. 

        Like his chum, Rainbow Rex Tillerson, McMaster held over numerous Obama-appointed officials. As recently as last Autumn, almost all key NSA positions were led by Obama/Clinton appointees. 

         The NSA is in desperate need of swamp-draining. Bolton may be the man to do this. While he is hawkish on foreign policy, he is also a traditional Conservative in his attitude towards government administration. He will clean out the nest of DNC vipers that McMaster's pals in the Deep State created. 


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


       The mad bomber behind a series of apparently random attacks in the Austin/San Antonio area met his doom last night, thanks to the heroic action of some unidentified police officers. A manhunt involving local, federal police and the Texas Rangers culminated in the issue of a warrant for one Mark Conditt, an unemployed computer technician. Conditt attempted to escape and---at the risk of their own lives---police followed and forced him off the road. Conditt's car exploded: it's unknown at this point whether he detonated a car bomb or a police bullet struck an explosive device. 

      No matter, the explosion sent the 'Mad Bomber of Austin' to Tartarus; saving taxpayers the expense of a media-circus trial. 

       The Corporate Media, however, along with the usual vulgar Leftist trolls, are besides themselves with joy to learn that Conditt was a White male apparently from a Conservative Christian background and not a Left-Wing nutcase, as per usual. This is all in spite of the fact that voter-rolls show that Conditt never declared a political party, nor voted in any election. And---the very Liberal Austin Police Chief has stated already that they have a taped confession from Conditt which indicates that political or religious motivations were not behind the attacks. CNN---for whatever their words are worth---did note in passing that the two police officers injured in the final showdown were 'white males'. 

       The real story here though isn't about Conditt, though the Corporate Media will give him---like they do all other mass-murderers---24/7 attention while ignoring his victims and the efforts of good men in bringing down this menace to society. That notoriety naturally encourages even more psychos to try and top the last attack. The Russians learned this after the Beslan School Massacre in 2004. The Russian Media agreed with the government to prohibit sensationalism of these event. The results have been that such attacks have virtually ceased in Russia while they've increased virtually exponentially here. 

       Unlike the Russian Media, though, we can't expect American journalists to engage in responsible behavior. What we can do is ignore those jugheads and focus on the efforts of real heroes who did what it took to bring the Mad Bomber's career to a conclusion. Even though our society puts down men as potential rapists and male pigs, it took considerable stones (as we used to call it) to charge a car-bomb. In fact, on Monday we saw a semi-retired painter do the same thing. and the very next day, a police officer stopping another psycho bent on a wholesale massacre. Not a bad week at all for those of us who are needed like a fish needs a bicycle.

       Even more fascinating was how these diverse law enforcement agencies tracked Conditt down in the first place. Conditt made two serious blunders that led to his ultimate downfall (not counting his abortive escape attempt). The first took some real investigative skills to uncover. As part of the detonator, Conditt employed a type of battery not manufactured or widely available in the US. A sharp investigator noted that, which led police to find who had purchased these devices online. Conditt's second mistake was using Home Depot and similar stores to buy other materials. Police began monitoring surveillance videos of purchasers of such items. Now, Conditt always wore a disguise---but a suspicious and very alert Home Depot employee followed him outside and got his license number. Conditt was on the list of suspects from the battery-purchases. And that was that. 

        Good men doing good things and working as a team: maybe if our culture celebrated that instead of holding up the Conditts of the world as typically male, we'd see fewer like him and more like the 'two White males' who brought him down at last. 

Monday, March 19, 2018


       Russian voters on Sunday resoundingly re-elected Vladimir Putin to his position as President. Putin was opposed both by old-line Communist candidates and Soros-backed Liberal candidates: none of whom even came close to unseating the popular leader. The Election of 2018 was marked by much less violence and controversy than in 2012. This reflects the new attitude of American leaders---who refrained this time from electoral interference. 

       It will be interesting to see how Putin's place in geopolitics will unfold during the next six years. With the downfall of both ISIS and the American Deep-State, Putin has indicated that his next term will be more focused on carrying out internal Russian reforms. His anti-corruption campaigns and social reform policies have already lifted Russia from the economic recession of the 1990's. Yet unemployment---and underemployment---remain a serious problem. 

        Workforce productivity is "a key issue" according to Putin. But he also noted that correcting Russia's infrastructure issues must be a top priority if that is to occur. In this respect, Russia is like the US in that most of its infrastructure dates from the Cold-War Era and is in need of modernization. 

          Though Putin did not mention Trump's Foreign Policy, it was clearly implied in his acceptance speech that the thawing of US-Russian relations would shift spending away from Defense. "There will be no increase in defense spending; no arms-race." he told his supporters. "We have everything we need in this field, in addition to a major reserve capacity." 

         In contrast to previous administrations, President Trump has put very little emphasis on Foreign Affairs. Trump's inclinations seem more geared towards international trade than towards cultural imperialism. Putin can step back somewhat from his position as leader of the free world. The challenge of the next six years will be to work with Trump on geopolitical issues. Obama-Era sanctions are still in place; and Trump was unable to pressure Senate RINOs into lifting them. Trump also is challenged in that his foreign policy team in general is strongly anti-Russian. 

        But Trump and Putin both have a good relationship with China; and it may be that President Xi could negotiate a better rapport between them. A US-Russia-China Alliance would be the best step forward for world peace and prosperity since the end of WW2. 

         We shall see how matters unfold; but the Russian people's confidence in Putin's leadership is a positive sign. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


      Manosphere writer Dalrock has penned a new article titled Why Game is a Threat to Our Values, which has received considerable acclaim from members of the Red Pill Cult. To explain briefly, 'Game' is a pseudoscience supposedly offering new 'revelations' about gender relations. Dalrock and other Manosphereans have grafted these notions on to a skeletal framework of religion and posit that they are bringing back some 'original' form of Christianity. In reality, their 'Christianity' is an admixture of Gnosticism and pop-psychology with a good measure of Machiavelli, Nietzsche, and Rand thrown in. 

      What Dalrock argues in his latest tome is that concepts like chivalry and its concomitant social valuation of women has corrupted society and that Game is destroying these values. "As a Christian," he writes, "the destruction of these values can't happen soon enough." Which of course echoes the same desires as the Cultural Marxists and the Radical Feminists. But it doesn't square with actual Christianity---in which Christ taught respect for females and often protected them from abuse. 

      Part of the problem for Dalrock and the other cultists is that the see Christianity through the lens of Game---when they should be evaluating Game through the lens of Christianity. Game is their real religion whether or not they choose to admit that fact. Thus Dalrock's article is filled with subjective assertions based on his own faulty conceptions of reality. 

      As an example, he first asserts that Feminism is dependent upon male chivalry (a male feminist argument); and then says: "But while chivalry is closely related to how we measure the virtue of a man, a man's chivalry is not in itself how we measure a man's virtue. In our society a man proves his virtue by his ability to seduce women."

     What society is this guy talking about? Look around and ask how many monuments or holidays we've bestowed on men who were great seducers of women. There are none: absolutely none. Yes, it is true that some of our great men had pronounced sexual magnetism: but we don't honor them for that. Our society values men and celebrates their virtues on the basis of their accomplishments. Granted, Political Correctness may distort some actual accomplishments; but the general principle is the same. The difference is simply that the PC crowd honors the depraved achievements of wicked men. 

     Dalrock also explains that romantic love is nothing more than sexual desire: which is the same position that Orthodox Marxists hold. "As a society we're obsessed with generating sexual attractiveness in women" he asserts, as though feminine cultivation of physical attractiveness is some recent phenomenon, "We see this ability as the most pure test of goodness in a man. A woman's feelings of sexual attraction are a mystical force, godlike for non-Christians and God's message for Christians." This is not true at all: our society is deeply hostile to heterosexuality---especially where it concerns men. But he continues: "We can't see how incredibly crass this is because we call it romantic love, but romantic love is more deeply intertwined with sexual desire than many are willing to admit."

      Under the Khmer Rouge Regime, Dictator Pol Pot held the same attitude and actually instituted official 'mating seasons' for his subjects. Now again, Dalrock is not only spouting Marxism, his assertion is essentially the Gnostic position that there is nothing holy about matrimony and that sexuality is morally indifferent. 

      Besides that, his assertion this passage also implies that men are never romantically attracted to women. This again stems from his reductionist perspective from Game: that attraction and sexuality is purely physical with no other component attached. In his cult it's commonly taught that Eve---not the Devil---caused Adam's Fall. One can easily see the latent homosexual overtones of building a philosophy around the core idea that females are the downfall of men.

      "As I've already noted," he continues on, "Chivalry is what converts Feminist demands into concrete action." No it isn't. Feminist demands are converted into concrete action when political and economic interests see profit in giving into them. "The threat from Game is comes from its assault on the belief that chivalry is sexy and therefore chivalry is virtuous."

      Dalrock's thinking is completely screwed up. The latter passage shows again that sex is the motivation for what we call chivalry and nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that civilized peoples practice respect for and protection of women is that women form, collectively, a vital social polarity which men must defend if civilization is to survive. Not understanding this very basic sociological concept is the danger posed both by the Red Pills and by the Feminists. 

       Even some of the most primitive cultures understand what Dalrock can't seem to grasp. Ancient peoples used to obliterate rival tribes by taking their women as spoils of war. Not only did losing their women cause these tribes to collapse, it strengthened the dominant tribes by bolstering the feminine social polarity. 

      The old values held for centuries and they are still the best. And I think that we can safely assume that they will outlive both Feminism and the Red Pill Cult. 

                                                       Manly Alpha Leaders in Action


Saturday, March 17, 2018


      John Horvat of the Return to Fatima blog has written a really good article on the latest Cultural Marxist propaganda tactic: Prayer-Shaming. Horvat has noted a recent trend in the Corporate Media of bringing on pundits and commentators who sneer after tragic incidents that prayer is useless; that community leaders offering prayer are evading responsibility, etc. 

       It's not a new phenomenon for Liberals to do this; but until recently they rarely spouted such sentiments in public. I recall a Leftist talk-show named Mike Malloy who routinely ridiculed prayer. Malloy got away with it because it was well known that he was a militant atheist. After a natural disaster or mass-murder, Malloy would laugh at survivors who attributed their survival to prayer and Divine Providence. "What about all of the people who died?" he would roar. "Do you think that they didn't pray too?"

      As Horvat points out in his article, these people don't understand what prayer is or how it actually functions. But that aside, people like Malloy also don't understand Divine Providence. What may seem an evil to us may not so be in the larger scheme of Divine Will. In the Lord's Prayer, we ask that God's Will be done and that we be delivered from evil. Those whose prayers to live through a disaster weren't granted have presumably gone to Heaven in accordance with the Divine Will.

        The conundrum which atheists propose dovetails into the larger question as to why God permits evil to exist or occur at all. The question has no simple answer, but suffice it to say here that all Creation is by metaphysical necessity imperfect vis-a-vis the Creator. Thus sin and evil are inevitable; but by their existence God may try not only our own Faith, but those of others. An evil man like George Soros isn't necessarily 'blessed' with undeserved wealth, power, and long life; and neither are his victims 'cursed' with the poverty and misfortunes that his crimes bring about. These are means by which God is ultimately glorified as Christ taught us in His parable about The Rich Man and Lazarus. 

         Thus it follows logically that times of affliction are the times when we must draw closer to---not further from---God in prayer. As the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk stated for us:

         "And then God replied: 'Write down the revelation and engrave it on the tablets, so that heralds may run and proclaim it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the ultimate end and will not prove false. Though its fulfillment lingers, wait for it; it will certainly come and suddenly when it does. You see that the enemy is arrogant and his desires are perverse, but the just shall live by Faith.'" (Hab. ii:2-4). 

         As Horvat notes, the real issue with these pundits is that they do not believe in prayer in the first place. "For them, prayer is a kind of therapeutic exercise for weak individuals who cannot face reality," he writes. Reality, to the unbelievers, is that the world is an evil place without any mitigation of the Good, which we must see through Faith. This leads to a point where Horvat says, "When they fail in life as all eventually do, they do not understand the meaning of suffering and become resentful."

          And that resentment is really what is behind the Cultural Marxists' hatred for prayer and faith. It's a double-edged psychological sword: they hate the Faithful for finding peace in suffering and envy them at the same time. 

         Horvat makes the good point also that our political leaders are largely to blame for the prayer-shamers with their pat "our thoughts and prayers are with the victims" rhetoric that they cut-and-paste into every post-tragedy official statement. As Christians, we should deplore that kind of abuse and back our words with deeds as St. James rightfully says. The Corporate Media ignores those actions at the same time they pooh-pooh the power of prayer. 

          Our answer to prayer-shaming thus should be to respond with even more prayer. The Media is overtly hostile to acts of faith: as they are to everything good. 

Friday, March 16, 2018


       The last two years haven't been kind to the Alt-RINOs. They've seen one project after another go down in ignominious defeat. And usually these downfalls have been occasioned by their own stupidity. 

         The Traditionalist Workers Party is an infamous Red Pill group; mostly noted for violent riots on about the same scale as Antifa. It's leadership collectively has a lengthy track-record of ending up in jail. Currently, that is where Matthew Heimbach---its top leader---is. Heimbach was jailed on a Domestic Violence charge after the TWP's #2 man, Matt Parrot, caught him in bed with Parrot's wife. 

        Heimbach, incidentally, is also married---to the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Parrot. 

        It sounds like Heimbach was only being an 'Alpha'. After all, the Red Pills are opposed to monogamy and encourage cuckolding other men's wives---creating Alpha Widows, in their parlance. However, Mr. Parrot apparently was unimpressed. He and Heimbach came to blows, and Heimbach threw him to the floor and began choking him. He might have killed him had police not arrived. The sight of the naked Mrs. Parrot in bed watching the nude Heimbach on top of Mr. Parrot must have been quite a sight. 

        Parrot angrily quit the TWP. Now leaderless, the group appears to have folded. Naturally, the Alpha-Boys are blaming the whole thing on Mrs. Parrot and women in general. One kook posted this insightful comment on Gab:

        "It's impossible to build a White Nationalist movement because white women are disloyal whores who will betray their white husband the first chance they get...Just look what happened to the TWP. The leader's white wife betrayed him and now the movement is now basically finished." 

        Yes---that's another typical Red Pill trait: blaming others. When Heimbach was arrested for Assault and Disorderly Conduct at a 2016 pro-Trump rally, he tried to claim in Court that Trump incited him to violence. He managed to get himself excommunicated from the Orthodox Church for preaching Red Pill doctrines against those of the Church. 

         And thus was the end of the TWP and its leader, Matthew Heimbach. It seems that every one who takes the Red Pill ends up in disgrace as a result.


Thursday, March 15, 2018


     The Sessions Steamroller is on the move again; this time on the US-Canadian Pacific Coast. In a surprise move, the details of which are only now becoming public, the FBI took Victor Ramos---CEO of Phantom Secure---into custody in Bellingham, Washington. Today, indictments were opened against Ramos and four of his fugitive confederates. Phantom Secure is (or was) a Canadian company. 

     Phantom Secure was selling a type of 'smart-phone' with sophisticated encryption software. The phones with Phantom software automatically disconnected from GPS, Internet, 'the Cloud' and re-routed through offshore phone-banks. It also had some type of locking mechanism by which the phone records couldn't be accessed by third parties. This type of software isn't illegal; but some quick-thinking by FBI Special Agent Nicholas Cheviron during a recent drug raid led him to suspect that more was afoot here than basic privacy concerns. 

       With our new and more efficient Justice Department, Sessions took Cheviron's suspicions seriously and set up a joint sting-operation with Canadian and Australian authorities. Ramos got caught red-handed working with criminal gangs like the Sinaloa Cartel, Hell's Angels, and to the Cuban and Venezuelan Governments (nota bene).  

       Ramos actually met with undercover agents posing as drug traffickers on several occasions; in one case offering one agent---who claimed to represent a recently arrested drug kingpin---an even more sophisticated app to better evade law enforcement. In one instance, he told undercover Canadian Mounties that "we made this phone specifically for drug trafficking too."

       Ramos and his cohorts were charged with Racketeering, Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics, and Aiding and Abetting Narcotic Traffickers. All five of these jokers are subject to a life sentence if convicted. Phantom Secure was broken up by the Canadians, The FBI estimates that there are 20,000 such phones worldwide: all of which are useless now because the software is no longer supported. 

       This is the first time that the FBI has targeted a communications company (successfully) for knowingly providing criminal enterprises with technology to carry out their crimes. It's an interesting case from that standpoint. There's always been some suspicion that some companies market toward the Underworld. This is the first attempt actually to prove it. When Special Agent Cheviron noticed that drug-gangs were using this technology, he looked into it further. Most of us would have been inclined to assume it was a widely-used app because it's privacy features were so good. Cheviron deserves a round of applause for thinking outside of the box and bringing about the downfall of a major facilitator behind our narcotic epidemic.